The majority of readers will say yes to that, in actual fact, in the U.S. there are only two poker sites that are worth playing, and these are Poker Stars and Full Tilt. It should be mentioned here that in 2006 the there was a legislation passed, the main plan of which was to forbid online gambling establishments from accepting transfers from U.S. financial institutions. Consequently, this led to that the majority of poker sites in the U.S. were closed. You might remember that at that time Party Poker was one of the biggest poker sites, and it couldn’t survive as well.

Actually, the regulation provided a lot of grey area, and these two sites, I am talking about PokerStars Full Tilt, decided not to give up but to keep going. Needless to say that they attained really great results – in our time they are the largest and the most popular poker sites in the world.

As a result there appears a question – Who is better – PokerStars or Full Tilt?

Well, in order find out the better one for you to select from, some of the vital aspects should be taken into consideration.

To start with, you need to consider the number of players on these sites. As a matter of fact both sites have a truly mammoth number of players. It should be added that Full Tilt usually has more than 100,000 players at any moment. As concerning PokerStars, it generally has more than 250,000. As you can see, the number of players who choose PokerStars is bigger. But it is necessary to emphasize that both sites have so many players that each one is able to find the exact game he/ she wants at any time. Also, we can’t disregard the fact that Full Tilt seems to spend more money on advertising that brings in new players.

The second thing you should pay attention to is rakeback. If you are a true poker fun then rakeback can be really crucial for you. Well, there is no doubt that in this category Full Tilt wins as it provides rakeback while PokerStars does not incorporate this offer.

And the last but not list thing to take into account is game selection. The point is that the variety of games that are offered by these sites is the same. You can play Omaha, Holdem, high stakes, low stakes, Stud, tournaments, sit-n-gos, high stakes, etc. But a short time ago Full Tilt began a new game that is called Rush Poker. It will be interesting for you to find out that it is an original game that deals you into a new hand at a new table once you fold. Basically speaking, it means that there is no need to wait for another hand.

To make the long story short there is a need to emphasize that it is up to you which of the sites will be considered as you favorite one. But if you want to get more information about PokerStars vs FullTilt – visit this site.

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