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Once you understand advanced Texas Holdem tips you’ll start taking down pots you never thought were possible. There is a gap between comprehension and execution between an intermediate and an advanced hold em player. Intermediates understand that the cards in front of them mean less than collecting information on what your opponents cards may be, but lack the experience to accurately read their opponents hole cards. Professionals use the information presented to them in every hand to accurately gauge when to bluff, when to semi-bluff, when to bet, and when to fold. The cards in your hand mean absolutely nothing in the full spectrum of the game and what your opponents are holding means everything.

The first step of learning how to accurately gauge your opponents hole cards is by putting them on a range. Once you understand your opponents range you can determine whether or not a bet would have a positive or negative outcome. If you know your opponent only stays in the pot when he has a made hand, such as a strong pair, straight, or flush and the board isn’t currently displaying any of those options you know a bet can, in most cases, give you the pot. Now if you know your opponent likes to chase after straights or flushes and you see four to a straight or flush on board and he calls, you know you’re in the lead until you see the fifth card they need to make their hand.

Loose aggressive opponents are going to give you the most trouble when it comes to reads simply because their range is much wider. The easiest way to figure out what they’re up to is to watch hands that you aren’t involved in. Every pot that your opponent wins gives you more information towards determining a range as well as a betting pattern to your loose aggressive opponent. In online play you can tag your opponent using the notes system with all the information you need to beat him.

After you’ve determined each opponents range at the table you’ll have a general idea of when to hold em and when to fold em. You’ll be able to identify which players like to slow-play, so you can avoid falling into the trap. You’ll also know which opponents you can scare out of the pot with a semi-bluff and which players you need to wait for a strong hand to beat.

If you’re playing against a loose aggressor you need to have at least a pair to stick around and bet at them. The semi-bluff may work at giving you better implied odds in the hand, but to secure the victory you’ll either have to hit your draw or hope your pair holds up. Pre-flop raising also won’t help you accurately determine a loose aggressors range, as they’ve been known to call with a variety of hands just to throw you off.

Betting at a tight aggressive player who has already called one of your bets is not a wise strategy. If you bet and they stuck around it’s time to slow down. They either have a hand or have become wise to you betting them out with nothing. Either way they’re not going to budge. Keep track of their previous hand history to determine if they’re trying to make a move on you or if they actually have something strong.

Texas holdem strategy is all about paying attention to what your opponents are doing. The more you pay attention, the better chance you have at winning more pots. Read as many poker tips as you can to improve your game.

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