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What are the Odds of Winning the UK National Lottery

Everyone wants to be a lottery winner, but do you know the true odds of hitting th\t big win. In the UK, the National Lottery Lotto game is a pick 6 of 49 ball daily lottery, although the major draws take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays. There is also the Euromillions lottery which is Europes biggest rolling lotto jackpot game and the Thunderball draw which takes place on every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Odds of Winning the Lotto Draw
The overall odds of winning a prize in the UK national lottery draw is 1 in 54. Therefore someone purchasing one ticket a week could expect to win once a year on average. The lottery fund is divided up into 5 sets of prizes - the top four prizes are awarded a percentage of the lottery fund whereas the prize for matching 3 numbers is always fixed at £10. The top prize is 52% of the money remaining after all the £10 prizes have been paid out.

Actual Odds of Winning any Individual Prize on the UK National Lottery

Match 6 Balls
(average prize £2,000,000)
1 in 13,983,816
Match 5 Balls Plus Bonus
(average prize £100.000)
1 in 2,330,636
Match 5 Balls
(average prize £1500)
1 in 55,492
Match 4 Balls
(average prize £62)
1 in 1033
Match 3 Balls
Actual prize £10
1 in 57

Odds of Winning the Thunderball Draw
The Thunderball is a fixed prize lottery that does not roll prizes over from one week to another. The overall odds of winning a prize on the Thunderball Lottery is about 1 in 23. Unlike the national lottery, the top prize on the Thunderball draw is fixed at £500,000 and will never be shared.

5 numbers plus Thunderball
Prize £500,000
1 in 8,060,598
5 numbers
Prize £5,000
1 in 620,046
4 numbers plus Thunderball
Prize £250
1 in 47,415
4 numbers
Prize £100
1 in 3647
3 numbers plus Thunderball
Prize £20
1 in 1437
3 numbers
Prize £10
1 in 111
2 numbers plus Thuderball
Prize £10
1 in 135
1 number plus Thunderball
Prize £5
1 in 35
0 numbers plus Thunderball
Prize £3
1 in 29

Can I Increase my Chances of Winning

Like any game of odds, the more tickets you purchase will of course increase your chances of winning. Theoretically if you purchase 10 tickets you should have a 10 times better overall odds of winning a prize However, for most people purchasing lots of lottery tickets each week would stretch the budget too much. Therefore, joining a syndicate is a good way of increasing your winning odds without increasing your outlay.

Lottery Syndicates
A lottery syndicate is made up of two or more people who pool their resources in order to purchase more lottery tickets. The mathematics behind this is very simple if two people purchase lottery ticket each week they each have a 1/54 chance of winning a prize. If they spend the same £1 each and purchase two tickets - their odds of winning a prize drop to 1/27 even though they have both only spent the same amount of money on lottery tickets. The more people who are in a syndicate, the greater the chance of winning a prize although the prizes have to be shared between all the members of the syndicate.

If you join or form a lottery syndicate then it is important to ensure you have a legally binding document in place in case of a dispute between members. Many works and friends syndictes have been locked in bitter disputes about winnings and in some cases the person running the syndicate has pocketed the cash themselves. There are professional lottery syndicates such as love my Lotto which offer entry into the National Lottery, Euromillions, Premium Bonds Draw and much more starting from a very reasonable £12 per month.


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