There are a lot of people who like to play Texas Holdem, but not all of them are aware of the main difference between live and online game. The main difference is the computer-generated codes that are used in online poker RNG. These codes have impact on the outcome of every hand.

Even though poker sites do not have an ability to deal out cards in the same way as in the live poker, it is necessary to use some computer generated programs to execute the task. Random Number Generator is one of the main programs that are used. The functioning of this generator depends mostly on each site and to generate really random shuffled deck of cards a series of associated techniques are used. All of the poker sites are provided with the advanced techniques and that is why it is impossible to predict what cards are coming out and what cards your opponents have. At the same time it is not so easy to predict the play and outcome in many situations. What is more, every site will claim that their RNG programs are fair and in reality it is not the culminating factor of what will occur on the flop. In most of the cases this decision is based on the additional factors such as players who are involved in game and also subroutines.

According to the recent investigations there are some things in common between love play and online play. A lot of online players have come to the decision that RNG is flawed and online poker is rigged. However, it has to be mentioned that in reality RNG is not responsible at all for the potential beats as much as some additional poker algorithms that are used by many sites.

In that case it is necessary to be aware of the potential hands that can be made on the flop and also whether your hand has a potential to survive bad beat. There is always an opportunity to avoid committing to many chips to the pot, so do not forget about it. In that case you just to learn of how the software works. Try also to obtain as much statistics of the game as possible and only after that make some of the decisions. If you manage to understand how and when a bad beat may occur is the best way to maintain your chipstack.

Try to be ware of all of the peculiarities of the work of such sites and there is no doubt that in that case you will be able to understand all of the rules and a s result participate in different competitions and win regularly. Try to read some more information in the internet.

If you are interested to expand their knowledge about poker, please think about poker lessons.

Beyond any doubt poker lessons will not answer all questions, and will not be the last stepping stone to reaching a level of poker pro. But don’t forget that every poker star of today was starting from poker lessons. Will you be the exception?

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