Do online casinos cheat? is probably the most frequently asked question we get from people interested in trying out online casinos for the first time.  Some people recount horror stories told to them by friends of friends about how the casino turned on the “cant win” button and they proceeded to lose all their money.  Very infrequently are bricks and mortar casinos suspected of cheating, however online casinos frequently get accused of all manner of underhand tactics – most of which simply aren’t deserved.

The great majority of online casinos do not cheat.  Of course we cannot say for certain that all online casinos dont cheat – certainly over the history of online gambling there has been some notoriously rigged casinos – the Handa Lopez software scandal for one, and the Israeli based, now both thankfully defunct and certain other casinos with software errors, poor lack of judgement or both have also popped up along the way.  However we can say with certainty that those powered by reputable casino software – for example Microgaming, Playtech, Real Time Gaming, Rival, Party, Vegas Technology and Wagerworks to name a few do not cheat and do not rig their games.

Most online casinos use one or more of these big casino software brands which are tested rigorously by independant testers for fairness and randomness.  Independant casinos do spring up from time to time, and most use and independant testing service in order to ensure their games are fair and random.  However we recommend that if you are concerned about rigged or unfair casinos that you choose a casino which not only uses trusted casino software but is also licensed in a jurisdiction where online gaming is carefully monitored.  You can find hundreds of safe and trusted online casinos here.

Perhaps one of the most common myths in online gambling is that casinos have a “no win” button – in other words they can restrict the payouts of the various casino games via the software.   The “no win” button is usually to blame when a gambler is on a losing streak, but it is usually only a perception – luck is after all a two way street.  There is however a grain of truth in the fact that a casino can restrict payouts on certain games – however they only have a very limited ability and this can only change the payouts of certain games.  This is much the same as the bricks and mortar casinos can change the payouts on their slot machines – for example from 95% payout to 93% payout.  It is not however in the casinos best interests to restrict payouts on games – they would soon lose customers and it is much harder to find a new player than keep an existing one.  Many casinos publish the payout percentages of their games at the end of each month and these payout percentages are verified by independant auditors.

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